The end of April sees the start of racing for SDR

A busy week of racing started with Mark, Ben and Paul racing the Runcorn CC 10 miles TT. A fine performance from all 3 of the lads saw them take the overall team prize for the weekend with a combined time of 1:08:23.


In stark contrast to the sunny weekend, the first race of the Dave Astles Series saw Riders, Organisers and Marshals put on an excellent race in appalling conditions. Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, however, they are a fair indication of how bad it was out there! Ben and Mark continued their excellent form in finishing 5th and 6th, Matt did well to stay on his bike having hit a massive pot-hole that destroyed his front wheel and Paul took his turn with a red flag in his hand.

To round off the week Mark and Kel (armed with his camera) made the trip to the Birkenhead North End Road Race. A superbly organised race in dry conditions on a well thought out circuit produced three excellent races (even Steve Cummings couldn’t resist coming to watch!). Many thanks to all concerned.

More photos for all of the races can be found on our Facebook page. 



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